Four Wheeler - Expired Car Insurance

What are the benefits of expired car insurance renewal?

Motor Vehicle insurance for Third party liability is a must as per Indian Motor Vehicles law. If the car is used with no insurance (after expiry), then the law is violated resulting in fines and punishment. Private car insurance financially protects you from unforeseen accidents.

The vehicle whose insurance has expired needs to be inspected. The insurance company’s official will inspect the vehicle and certify whether the vehicle is fit for renewal. If found fit, the insurance can be renewed by submitting RC copy and expiring insurance policy copy.

If the vehicle is not found to be fit, then the vehicle is to be repaired for pre-existing damages and brought again for inspection for renewal.

The renewal process can be initiated by calling us, as vehicle inspection is to be done. The premium has to be paid, before vehicle inspection. Hence, please call us for priority support.

Yes, if car insurance expiry is less than 90 days ago.