The Best Gift for your family - Health Care

Health Care
  • 26-12-2019

 “Life… is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing”
-William Shakespeare in Macbeth.

This quote actually expresses the nihilism – a sense of meaninglessness of life. The aggressive King of all in the Times, when he loses his wife, feels life is absurd and has no purpose or meaning.

The only thing, in this World, which has purpose and meaning, is your family. It is one of the best gifts God has given you. None can negate this statement. You do not need a reason to love your family. Nevertheless, you should know that your family will always be with you, through thick and thin and will help you evolve into a better human being. This bond keeps you always happier and healthier. Can we also say it as an undeniable attachment with our own selves? This special bond teaches, enriches, cares and makes a more positive persona, relentlessly. The source of strength and encouragement to overcome distressing moments in life are our families.

Instead of disproving Macbeth or Shakespeare, an introspection arises here. Do you take care of your family? You might have given good hygiene, good education, good periodical entertainment… Is that all? Have you given them a Health Insurance, or have you thought about a Life cover for you, being the bread winner? You may have so many laundry lists of things to do…. Yet, Insurance is the last item in anyone’s priority. A thing should not be procrastinated, get done. The result is obviously owe struck in the most deserving moments.

We will see how you can give your lovely family a lovely healthy pack. Buying a Health insurance Policy for yourself and your family is very important because the medical care is expensive and keeps increasing. Especially when the necessity is to be treated in today’s Private Sector Hospitals, hospitalisation can burn a hole in your pocket and derail your finances. It will become even tough, if the person who brings in the money, is now in a hospital bed. All this can be avoided by just paying a small annual premium which would lessen your stress in case of medical emergencies.

Good Health Insurance Policy

A good health insurance policy would usually cover expenses made towards doctor consultation fees, costs towards medical tests, ambulance charges, hospitalization costs and even post-hospitalization recovery costs to a certain extent. The best friend in need could only be your Health Plan.

If you are insured, you can get cashless treatments as your insurance company would work in collaboration with various hospital networks. Insurance policy also covers pre and post hospitalization charges up to the period of 60 days, depending on the insurance plans purchased. Insurance policy also covers the amount paid to ambulance towards the transportation of insured. Insurance policy also covers room expenses depending on the premium being paid by the insured. There is a bonus element which has to be paid to the insured, if he does not prefer a claim for any treatment in the previous year. Yet, the least of all in the real sense of care, the premium paid on Health Insurance is tax deductible under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

Having said that, it is difficult to select the best health insurance policies as all insurance company provides a similar type of insurance plan. Yet, not all products are suited to everyone. It is about the right fitment for the right person – Tailormade solutions. This is where, you need to get the guidance of Professionals whose job is only to represent you and take care of you when you are in need. TVS Insurance takes care of 1.50 Lakhs+ customers in its Accident and Hospitalisation Portfolio under various plans and options with various insurance companies. It is not only the advices for the right product and right choice, but also for the end to end solution till the post hospitalisation settlements, TVS Insurance takes care with its dedicated Claim Desk. It works 24 X 7 with dedicated professionals.